Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bash skull on nose to establish superiority.

Maybe you established your superiority a little bit too hard.

You really want to get out of this tunnel, but although your instinct is to go towards the light, you're just not that happy about heading the same way that the skull thing went. Perhaps the other way would be better.

On second thoughts...


  1. (Quentin, from email)

    Those pinky warning lights look warm and welcoming. Perhaps you should attach yourself to a fixed point in the tunnel with a long length of bungee elastic and walk towards the pink lights, taking up the strain. If the lights turn out to be unwelcoming, you can just lift your feet and you'll be catapulted in the opposite direction with sufficient force that you'll wipe out the little nasty who went the other way, should it be lurking in the shadows with evil intent.

  2. Going further into the tunnel seems a tad rash - you can always crawl back in later if there's worse outside. As for the skull, I suspect an apology might be in order: after all, there is a good chance it was simply being polite. No need to bash it on the nose just for saying "Hello, friend" to you! I'd go and say sorry; you might need all the friends you can find in your current situation...

  3. Charge apologetically up tunnel towards somewhat bashed (but somewhat pretty) skull.

    Pretending you haven't noticed the threatening pink sparkles, that is.


  4. Get yourself out of here. Fast. Towards the light and not not NOT towards the things that look like (but you hope they aren't you REALLY hope they aren't) eyes. Maybe just... back away towards the light. Just in case. That way if the hopefully-not-eyes decide to advance, you'll see when it's time to actually panic and RUN.

  5. Two and a half years I've been here, waiting. Patiently. Not making a fuss; I figured you might move at some point.

    I'm beginning to think your heart's just not in it anymore....